Cambodian Girl Problems

Issues experienced by Cambodian girls add a lack of financial opportunity and use of education. In addition they face sexuality discrimination and abuse, especially domestic physical violence. Bunn Rachana, executive movie director of Klahaan, a charitable that works to deal with these issues, tells VOA Khmer that Cambodian females are not medicated as equals by the administration or modern culture at large.

Cambodia is mostly a male-dominated the community where relatives pride and honor happen to be paramount, and women are expected to adapt. For example , they are generally compared to cotton wool because if it gets dirty, it never renforcement its cleanliness. On the other hand, a diamond can be washed and is while clean when it was when it got dirty. This sort of discrimination has turned many Cambodian females think that their really worth is less than a man’s.

As a result, Cambodian women have low expectations on their own, and this can be reflected in their work, personal lives, and the relationships with others. Women are often anticipated to focus on household chores when working out of the property to support their loved ones. This leaves them very little time to study with regards to career or business and makes it difficult to get ahead at work.

Additionally, women typically feel that they just do not have a voice on their own in the workplace or perhaps in their forums because of a perception that their particular opinion is usually not important. This is because most of the people think that women are good by housework and caretaking. They have a wide range of responsibility and must travel grocery shopping, cook, clean, and appear after their children. This leads to a huge amount of stress which will impacts all their mental and physical overall health.


Approximately Cambodian women earn 30 percent below men, and only 12 percent have reached higher levels of education. Women as well experience a high prevalence of sexual harassment and love-making assault. Many victims tend not to report their very own cases to the police. The reason is , they are frightened that the husbands will get back against these people, or the perpetrators may be their very own relatives.

In addition to discrimination, a large number of Cambodian tourists do not allow their very own daughters to attend school since they believe that education is a waste pounds. Scholarships are available to encourage more Cambodian girls to pursue their particular studies, and the number of women of all ages enrolling in degree is raising.

Sidh and Chan Dara happen to be sophomores by Phnom Penh International College or university, studying English language and intercontinental management. The 2 are enthusiastic debaters and also have a passion for social goingson. As such, they participated in the Gender Issue facilitated by simply WoMA since they realize that it is crucial for the purpose of youth to understand the importance of your gender-balanced contemporary society. They also know that a more various Cambodian the community will enhance economic and social abundance. For this reason, they will feel that it is their responsibility to lay the foundation for a more inclusive country. Their particular participation in the debate allowed them to evaluate the root reasons for gender problems in Cambodia and recommend novel methods to overcome them.

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